Love is Everything and Everywhere

I remember a skit from when I went to university in the '90s. I was in Campus Crusade for Christ (I even emceed our big meetings for a good while), and this play featured a silent Jesus following a college student everywhere they went--studying, partying, going to church, etc. The point, as I remember it, being: … Continue reading Love is Everything and Everywhere

Being a Peaceful Warrior

What is peace to you? How many people would honestly say they don't want peace? Why is it such a broadly and highly valued virtue is in such short supply in our world, and perhaps our lives? What is the path to peace within us, around us, and across the land? One of my favorite yoga … Continue reading Being a Peaceful Warrior

Spreading Kindness Like Water in a Water Fight

I sometimes wonder if the yoga students think I'm drunk when I'm teaching, as my balance struggles (from my visual disability) frequently have me falling out of lunges, Tree pose, and other leg balancing postures. Plus, I'm usually super joyous and often goofy! Isn't it interesting how things like this lead us to declare "I am ______"; … Continue reading Spreading Kindness Like Water in a Water Fight