Our Bodies are Brilliant!

One of the hardest, most healing, and helpful lessons I’m learning in life is to trust and love my body. The truth is: Our bodies are brilliant. Your body is brilliant. My body is brilliant. Our bodies not only know what’s best for them, they harbor intelligence our brains lack that will bless our lives! As much as I’ve … Continue reading Our Bodies are Brilliant!

Your Body is Magical!

What’s your relationship with your body?  While the truest part of me knows I’m a fit guy, a critical voice within is NEVER satisfied and focuses on my shortcomings and ways I “should” be better.  With that admission, let me shout: my body is MAGICAL!  YOUR body is magical!  While I’m in the process of fully trusting … Continue reading Your Body is Magical!

Listen to Your Body It’s Wise

Listen to your body it's wise!  The other night it wasn't bed time yet, but my wife and I felt unusually tired so we went to sleep early, and woke up for work feeling great.  My calf tightened up on a run last week, and this message from my body has helped me see the many … Continue reading Listen to Your Body It’s Wise