Love Al(l)ways

Life is a marvelously messy tapestry of threads formed by—not only—all the people, plants, animals, and rest of material reality; but also, by our thoughts, words, and deeds. Shaming, judgmentalism, holding oneself as “better than,” living from fear, cutting words, self-centeredness, an “us versus them” mentality, violence, defensiveness, seeking to “win,” and inner-criticism—for example—all tear … Continue reading Love Al(l)ways

Love is Everything and Everywhere

I remember a skit from when I went to university in the '90s. I was in Campus Crusade for Christ (I even emceed our big meetings for a good while), and this play featured a silent Jesus following a college student everywhere they went--studying, partying, going to church, etc. The point, as I remember it, being: … Continue reading Love is Everything and Everywhere

Kindness Kickstarter

For years I was distant and disconnected from my family, and myself. Yet, my mom and sister kept pursuing me with kindness—truly wondering how I was doing, caring for me in my hurts, and wholeheartedly desiring the best for me. Kindness, it turns out, was not only the key to unlocking my once frozen heart, but … Continue reading Kindness Kickstarter

Creating an Upward Spiral

Do you ever feel haunted by your past?  Are there moments where something in the present triggers a negative memory, which then goes into loop mode in your head and sends you on a downward spiral?  Me neither! 😉 On a serious note, though, the other day I found myself in said place; stuck in … Continue reading Creating an Upward Spiral

Meditation on the Lovingkindness Revolution!

I had big plans for this year!  Exciting things that have been brewing for a while, like getting my book about my accident and the life-giving centrality of Love when it comes to life, relationships, and God published, as well as becoming a life coach.  6 months in, though, I've made like 1% progress on … Continue reading Meditation on the Lovingkindness Revolution!

Beauty and Love Stalk Us: A Few Thoughts on the Mind-Blowing Good News of Psalm 23

I’ve had the weirdest experience in my 40s that maybe you can relate to, perhaps you haven’t gotten that “old” yet, or it could be I’m a bit crazy. 🙂 I can’t tell you how many times a saying, an idea, a belief, a story, and so on that had become old hat, trite, cliché, … Continue reading Beauty and Love Stalk Us: A Few Thoughts on the Mind-Blowing Good News of Psalm 23