The Politics of Christianity

As fear of COVID-19 and the divisiveness of a presidential election sweep across America, I'm reminded how very political Jesus was in pretty UN-American ways.  At a minimum, I believe the Christ invites people of any, or no, religion to a new, incredible way of being human.  One marked by togetherness, interdependence, caring for all, … Continue reading The Politics of Christianity

“Disabled” but Not Different or Diminished

Since my eyes became crooked from slipping off a cliff and smashing my face into a boulder 11 years ago (you should see the rock!), I've noticed kids who are too young to know "better" will often stare at me without shame for a laughably long time.  While I'm definitely disabled, when I live into … Continue reading “Disabled” but Not Different or Diminished

The Good News of Jesus Being “Wrong”

I’d never realized before how Jesus was wrong, a friend shared with us during a home group meeting the other day.  We were watching a historian and author talk about how Jesus’ big message was announcing the inauguration of a new kingdom … yet where exactly is this realm of goodness? While I 100% agree the … Continue reading The Good News of Jesus Being “Wrong”