The Love Pause

What brings out the best in you? For me, it’s pausing. When I pause, breathe, ponder, and wonder, love fills and shines through the space that slowing down fosters within us. Looking back on my missteps; the common thread between when I say or do something hurtful, stupid, disrespectful, and/or unkind, is when I do not stop, and take … Continue reading The Love Pause

The Power of the Pause

Love resides in the pause. What I mean by that is while my first words, or reaction, to something I disagree with, don't like, or feel pressure or opposition from are generally not helpful or are unkind: Pausing, breathing, and giving my thoughts time to settle, creates space for love to move in. Can you relate? In many … Continue reading The Power of the Pause

The Preciousness of Pauses in Life

As embarrassing as it is to admit it, there have been plenty of times when I was so caught up in the hustle and bustle of DOING life, I completely missed that my wife was hitting on me.  And even worse, I occasionally even got irritated Lisa was "interrupting" my dinner making, bill paying, blog … Continue reading The Preciousness of Pauses in Life