Unwrapping the Gift of You

The other day, Lisa told me: "One lifetime with you isn't enough." 🥰 That might be the most loving thing anyone has told me! I share that, not only to celebrate our love and partnership, but also because I think it points to a life truth: YOU are an endlessly knowable, magical, miracle of amazingness. Words, titles, societal pressures, labels, … Continue reading Unwrapping the Gift of You

Our Darkest Dark Reveals Our Brightest Light

Darkness. What’s your relationship with it? As we approach the literal darkest day of the year, I’m reminded going fully INTO my metaphorical darkness is the path to my brightest lightness. It’s no mistake that Christmas, a celebration of Light, was originally on the winter solstice. It took truly facing the depths of my porn addiction, for … Continue reading Our Darkest Dark Reveals Our Brightest Light

A “Crazy” Idea About the Second Coming of Christ

You know how writers often start with the ending of their book?  The conclusion shapes the story from the beginning on.  Life is much the same.  What we believe about our “ending” deeply informs how we act now.  With that in mind, the other day I was thinking about the Second Coming of Christ and … Continue reading A “Crazy” Idea About the Second Coming of Christ