Greet with Grace

Lisa and I had a “moment” as she got home for dinner the other day. A confused and frustrated, “what the heck just happened”, type of deal. Knowing she’d been gone most of the day, done all the grocery shopping, and was running significantly later than she’d planned, I was all set to be her … Continue reading Greet with Grace

The Perspective of Love

The more I’m able to see me in you, and you in me, the better things get. It’s really that simple. While truth is many people are quite different from me, some with beliefs I vehemently disagree with—as near I can remember, when I adopt this loving and unifying perspective, it both works and leaves a … Continue reading The Perspective of Love

What We “See” is What We Become

The beauty of this scenery captivated me the other day … For years, I've walked past this bit of lush green loveliness, on my way to the yoga studio, without noticing it. It's tucked away a bit off the side of the highway, so isn't in your face (so to speak) but takes little effort … Continue reading What We “See” is What We Become

Enter Every Moment as If You Chose It

Enter every moment as if you chose it.  I remember years ago hearing an ER doc turned environmentalist speak about how observing the dramatic increase in cancer, autoimmune diseases, and more led him to research why, and conclude: We've been killing the earth with our pollutants, deforestation, pouring/placing toxins into the ocean, strip mining, etc., and in … Continue reading Enter Every Moment as If You Chose It

Perspective is Essential for Loving Well

We're always telling a story in our heads, evaluating people, situations, places, etc. Especially when I'm "wronged", it's super easy for me to assume ill and ugly things of others. YET, love believes the best in them, and understanding their perspective often changes our views of them. Perspective helps us move TOWARD and CARE for … Continue reading Perspective is Essential for Loving Well

Meditation on the Life-Giving Power of Perspective

I've been thinking a lot lately about the power of our perspectives. Specifically, I wonder if a good chunk of our troubles, sorrows, and frustrations in life, especially when it comes to relationships, stems MORE from our OWN perspectives than the actions or inactions of others? I think on how much happier and more at … Continue reading Meditation on the Life-Giving Power of Perspective