The Love Pause

What brings out the best in you? For me, it’s pausing. When I pause, breathe, ponder, and wonder, love fills and shines through the space that slowing down fosters within us. Looking back on my missteps; the common thread between when I say or do something hurtful, stupid, disrespectful, and/or unkind, is when I do not stop, and take … Continue reading The Love Pause

A Project of Love

Friends, I'm stoked to invite you to a Project of Love.  I'm working on a Doctorate in Leadership & Spiritual Formation, to help people thrive together in life. To make our doctoral projects as successful as possible (mine is about growing and flowing with Love across divides), we run several "tests" to get feedback from people … Continue reading A Project of Love

I Wrote a Book that Got Published!

Hi Friends! I wrote a book, an actual publisher published it, and now it's available everywhere! Words can't describe how excited and I am!!! 🥳🤸🏻‍♀️💫💙🤗  I'm also a bit dumbfounded, as in "am I dreaming? Is this real?", but mostly STOKED. It's titled Falling into Love: The Transformative Power of Community. Back on November 10, 2008 … Continue reading I Wrote a Book that Got Published!

The Flow of Prayer

One of the big blessings of growing up as an Army brat, was I got to live in Germany.    From the git go, this helped me realize the beauty of otherness and value of different perspectives.  So, when a friend said something about praying as a command/statement instead of a plea or request, because that's … Continue reading The Flow of Prayer

How Silence & Thinking Less is the Path to Greater Love, Unity, & Wholeness

Cheers friend! After an incredible night eating, drinking, and connecting with friends, when we got home at 10pm I told Lisa I'd clean the kitchen up, take the dog out, and get the coffee ready so she could go straight to bed, since she would get up at 430am the next day to meet a friend … Continue reading How Silence & Thinking Less is the Path to Greater Love, Unity, & Wholeness

Get Your Shine On!

Cheers! Do you have any "silly" or interesting rituals, like when kids try to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks?  When it comes to my Seahawks fandom, I'm pretty ridiculous because I "know" my actions throughout the week impact the game.  I'll hold yoga poses for 12 counts, dry my hair to multiples of 12, schedule … Continue reading Get Your Shine On!

Finding Santosha (WOWness) in All Situations

One of the benefits of having a bit of OCD is my daily workouts aren't options, they're what I do.  A downfall of this mentality, though, is it can sometimes get in the way of important stuff, like, you know, connecting with people!  Ridiculous as it may sound, on Saturday Lisa's daughter, Tiffany, invited us … Continue reading Finding Santosha (WOWness) in All Situations

6 Ways Yoga is Prayer

I LOVE yoga and Jesus!  The brilliant thing is they go together like peanut butter and chocolate, the combination of which, to me, is basically heaven in your mouth.  While I’ve “only” been practicing yoga for a bit over eight years, I’ve been Christian my whole life.  The thing is, over the last few years … Continue reading 6 Ways Yoga is Prayer

What if Prayer is More a Way of Being Than Something We Do?

What is prayer to you?  Growing up Christian, I think my experience of it was pretty normal.  It’s words one speaks/thinks to God, generally centered on praise, requests, and gratitude.  Interestingly, while in my memories the first two are pretty much all we did, these days I find focusing on thankfulness gets my soul singing … Continue reading What if Prayer is More a Way of Being Than Something We Do?

Why Pray? Relationship.

Do you pray?  Why?  I’ve been Christian my whole life and grew up with a good bit of obligation, “should”, and “ought to” when it came to my faith, so for a good bit of time I prayed because I was supposed to.  God expected us to pray, so I did.  Yet, it was often … Continue reading Why Pray? Relationship.