Seeing Our Blind-spots

The other day, my literal blind-spots got me thinking about the "blind-spots" we all have. While Lisa and I were out enjoying a nice, long walk on a beautiful summer day with our dog Biscuits, I heard somebody outside my field of view say something about a "nice doggy". Lacking any peripheral vision from a … Continue reading Seeing Our Blind-spots

The Flow of Prayer

One of the big blessings of growing up as an Army brat, was I got to live in Germany.    From the git go, this helped me realize the beauty of otherness and value of different perspectives.  So, when a friend said something about praying as a command/statement instead of a plea or request, because that's … Continue reading The Flow of Prayer

Angels are Dancing Around Us

One of the thing's I cherish the most is tucking my daughter in at night.  After we share what we're grateful for and pray, she rolls onto her side, closes her eyes, and we begin a sacred ritual we've been practicing for 10+ years.  While I hum "Go to Sleep My Little Baby", I caress … Continue reading Angels are Dancing Around Us

Meditation on Remembering the Sacredness of Breath

I bet people who see me walking or running by think I'm one weird dude, with my frequent sighs, lip flutters, laughs, growls, mmm sounds, and deep breaths.  I bring that up to ask: What's "sacred" mean to you?  I'm willing to bet it's special.  It's not something neglected.  We view sacred things, times, places, … Continue reading Meditation on Remembering the Sacredness of Breath

Meditation on Allowing Life’s Small Specifics to be Gateways to Sacred Experiences

Growing up I was the good boy and my sister was the wild child.  YET, while outwardly I behaved "right", my insides were another story.  For instance, even as I entered my thirties I was pretty self-centered.  Then, as my marriage hit the rocks, realizing the hurt this inner disposition brought to my ex-wife broke … Continue reading Meditation on Allowing Life’s Small Specifics to be Gateways to Sacred Experiences

We are God’s Selfies

My wife, Lisa, and I watched “The Greatest Showman” with Hugh Jackman the other night, and OH MY WORD, it was FANTASTIC!!!  So, so, so good!  I cried with sorrow and joy, delighted in the music and choreography (it’s a musical), and was DEEPLY moved by its message of including and celebrating the marginalized, excluded, … Continue reading We are God’s Selfies