The Gospel of Mary

Cheers! Why has Mary, Jesus' mom, fascinated so many people for so long?  Why do some of our notions about her border on mythological and magical?  Similarly, when it comes to Mary Magdalene, why do Dan Brown (and others) speculate she was married to Jesus?  There's something about "Mary", and it seems to me they provide … Continue reading The Gospel of Mary

Meditation on Becoming a Passer of Peace

What's one of your favorite words?  One I especially adore, and have a tat of, is "shalom".  While this Hebrew word is typically translated "peace", it also means wholeness, unity, and harmony.  It's basically shorthand for "everything as it should be".  Powerful stuff.  Along those lines, I recall in seminary talking about the collective shalom brought by … Continue reading Meditation on Becoming a Passer of Peace