Your Body is Magical!

What’s your relationship with your body?  While the truest part of me knows I’m a fit guy, a critical voice within is NEVER satisfied and focuses on my shortcomings and ways I “should” be better.  With that admission, let me shout: my body is MAGICAL!  YOUR body is magical!  While I’m in the process of fully trusting … Continue reading Your Body is Magical!

Your Body is a Beautiful Place Where Heaven Meets Earth

Cheers to you! For years, I would NEVER go out in public unless I was showered and put together.  I bought into the story that beauty is 100% appearance based.  Yet, practicing yoga (especially hot yoga), while more thoroughly absorbing the teachings of Christ, is helping me realize ALL bodies are beautiful because each of us … Continue reading Your Body is a Beautiful Place Where Heaven Meets Earth

Kindness is Happiness

Cheers to you! Worn out from working 12 days in a row, feeling the weight of all the things to do and the financial stress of the holidays, and momentarily stuck in "I'm an army of one and have to do ALL the things" thinking, I had a bit of a meltdown the other night. … Continue reading Kindness is Happiness

Giving Ourselves Permission to Cry, Wail, & Moan

One of my earlier memories is from a dirt clog fight with friends in Kanas.  Picture a snowball melee with dried clumps of dirt.  In our childhood enthusiasm, one of my friends pegged me in the face ... with a rock hidden at the center of the soil.  Ouch!  While the girl I had a … Continue reading Giving Ourselves Permission to Cry, Wail, & Moan