Dancing Standing Still

Words, titles, and labels cannot define you. YOU are SO much MORE than male, female, black, white, Democrat, Republican, or whatever else describes you! As Thomas Keating says in his poem "Stillness": Our true nature is stillness, The Source from which we come. ... All words disappear into It, And all creation awakens to the delight of Just Being. … Continue reading Dancing Standing Still

How Sweet it is to Live Simply!

Oh, the stories I could tell about how gorgeously geeky I was in high school! For instance, when we learned about the Know Nothing Party in U.S. History, I immediately adopted this obscure 19th century political party as my own. I'd jokingly tell friends I was a fellow Know-Nothing! ūü§£ Still, there's something about that name that resonates, … Continue reading How Sweet it is to Live Simply!

The Flavor and Favor of Silence

In the silence my worries¬†grow loud¬†and I am troubled. In the silence I hear the cries of the abused, oppressed, disgraced, and harmed, and my heart breaks. In the quiet my soul is soothed and I feel the presence of peace. In the quiet my heart begins to pump joy through my system. In the … Continue reading The Flavor and Favor of Silence

How Silence & Thinking Less is the Path to Greater Love, Unity, & Wholeness

Cheers friend! After an incredible night eating, drinking, and connecting with friends, when we got home at 10pm I told Lisa I'd clean the kitchen up, take the dog out, and get the¬†coffee ready so she could go straight to bed, since she would get up at 430am the next day to meet a friend … Continue reading How Silence & Thinking Less is the Path to Greater Love, Unity, & Wholeness

Faith, Hope, and Love for NO Reason

Cheers! Even though it's been nearly seven years and I'm incredibly happily remarried, I still sometimes feel DEEPLY hurt by and confused why my second wife left me. ¬†By the conventional wisdom that good deeds are rewarded and bad punished, we'd have stayed together. ¬†What's more, it's the same story if one went by my … Continue reading Faith, Hope, and Love for NO Reason

Redefining Success

Do you ever struggle with success?¬† Like, what makes for a "wonderful" day?¬† How do you define a "good" workout?¬† How does a workday become successful?¬† Why would a get together with friends/family be fantastic?¬† When I workout I have a less than helpful habit of measuring it in comparison to previous endeavors, and a … Continue reading Redefining Success

Heaven is in Your Heart

20+ years ago when a dear friend of mine was getting married, as he and I stood in a side room right before the ceremony, tears began rolling down his face. ¬†Confused, I asked him why he was crying. ¬†"I'm just so happy," he replied. ¬†It was years before I really understood what he meant. … Continue reading Heaven is in Your Heart

The Importance of Silence

To mark the Winter Solstice, my wife and I attended a ‚Äúsilent‚ÄĚ nighttime group pilgrimage through a large local forest garden.¬† As a guide led several hundred of us on a slow stroll in the dark, I couldn‚Äôt help but chuckle at how many people were unable to stop themselves from talking when we were … Continue reading The Importance of Silence