Redefining Success

Do you ever struggle with success?  Like, what makes for a "wonderful" day?  How do you define a "good" workout?  How does a workday become successful?  Why would a get together with friends/family be fantastic?  When I workout I have a less than helpful habit of measuring it in comparison to previous endeavors, and a … Continue reading Redefining Success

Heaven is in Your Heart

20+ years ago when a dear friend of mine was getting married, as he and I stood in a side room right before the ceremony, tears began rolling down his face.  Confused, I asked him why he was crying.  "I'm just so happy," he replied.  It was years before I really understood what he meant. … Continue reading Heaven is in Your Heart

The Importance of Silence

To mark the Winter Solstice, my wife and I attended a “silent” nighttime group pilgrimage through a large local forest garden.  As a guide led several hundred of us on a slow stroll in the dark, I couldn’t help but chuckle at how many people were unable to stop themselves from talking when we were … Continue reading The Importance of Silence