Love is a Gateway Drug

Do you ever struggle with doing something you know you should, and even want to do? That was me when it came to being kind and compassionate, and caring well for others, until about 15 years ago. What changed me? Like drill sergeants of kindness, the people of Valley Bible Fellowship spoke, displayed, and invited … Continue reading Love is a Gateway Drug

Get Your Shine On!

Cheers! Do you have any "silly" or interesting rituals, like when kids try to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks?  When it comes to my Seahawks fandom, I'm pretty ridiculous because I "know" my actions throughout the week impact the game.  I'll hold yoga poses for 12 counts, dry my hair to multiples of 12, schedule … Continue reading Get Your Shine On!

Redefining Success

Do you ever struggle with success?  Like, what makes for a "wonderful" day?  How do you define a "good" workout?  How does a workday become successful?  Why would a get together with friends/family be fantastic?  When I workout I have a less than helpful habit of measuring it in comparison to previous endeavors, and a … Continue reading Redefining Success

Meditation on the Lovingkindness Revolution!

I had big plans for this year!  Exciting things that have been brewing for a while, like getting my book about my accident and the life-giving centrality of Love when it comes to life, relationships, and God published, as well as becoming a life coach.  6 months in, though, I've made like 1% progress on … Continue reading Meditation on the Lovingkindness Revolution!

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

Do you ever wonder if what you do matters?  Or even how much YOU matter?  I know I do!  With that in mind, at the beginning of my yoga classes, I gift each student with an inspirational sticky note to encourage her/him.  They have sayings like "Be a warrior, not a worrier.", "You make work … Continue reading Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

A Snow Storm’s Life Lessons

As we've been enjoying a fun flurry of snow storms, Lisa and I noted the calming affect snow has on everything.  It's like a massive collective "HA", which fills your heart with a sense that all is well and all will be well.  Not long after that, a friend came to our door with his … Continue reading A Snow Storm’s Life Lessons

Meditation on Attuning to the Deep Rhythms of Kindness, Care, and Peace

Remember the song "Don't Worry BE Happy"?  Did you know Jesus says much the same thing?  While I've been crazy for Christ my whole life, I feel like in many ways I've only recently come to "get" Him.  For instance, He implores us to "not worry about" our lives, because "can any of you by … Continue reading Meditation on Attuning to the Deep Rhythms of Kindness, Care, and Peace