Meditation on How Our Thoughts Transform Our Reality

Teaching yoga I get to regularly interact with attractive ladies.  As you might imagine, thought bubbles related to their prettiness arise from time to time.  While I'm realizing this is normal and natural, the danger is when I identify with these thoughts, which is all too common for us.  It seems to me we've made … Continue reading Meditation on How Our Thoughts Transform Our Reality


12 Truths that Transform

How are you doing today?  I hope you are having an amazing day, and regardless of how beautiful and/or brutal it might be for you, I pray you are connected and cared for by a loving community! There’s a common “joke” you may have heard, which goes something like this: A wife asks her longtime … Continue reading 12 Truths that Transform

Drama for Your Momma

As my body gets older, some things don't work like they used to.  Remember the movie "Failure to Launch"?  You know how after things go poorly in a given endeavor a couple of times, it's super easy to get in your head about it?  Thought bubbles of doubt, insecurity, worry, and the like flood our … Continue reading Drama for Your Momma

Every Day is a Gift, a Chance to Start Anew

Sometimes I feel haunted by my past.  I keep replaying the tapes of my struggles, weaknesses, and losses ... which, ironically, frequently dooms me to repeat them.  For example, after I got remarried again following my first divorce, when something Carla did reminded me of when my first marriage went south, I'd get a bit … Continue reading Every Day is a Gift, a Chance to Start Anew