What if We Lived “Namaste”?

What's inspiring and encouraging you these days?  While people in our hometown have always seemed friendly to me, since we started social distancing, those in Poulsbo have turned their friendliness volume up a couple notches.  I say this because every weekend Lisa and I have been going on long, four-mile walks, and time-and-again the people … Continue reading What if We Lived “Namaste”?

12 Truths that Transform

How are you doing today?  I hope you are having an amazing day, and regardless of how beautiful and/or brutal it might be for you, I pray you are connected and cared for by a loving community! There’s a common “joke” you may have heard, which goes something like this: A wife asks her longtime … Continue reading 12 Truths that Transform

The Soul Felt Its Worth

Sometime after Thanksgiving I noticed an unsettledness in my spirit, disquiet in my soul, angst in my mind, and ache in my heart. Interestingly, other people have shared they’re feeling similar things.  With winter coming and the season of death approaching, I wonder if we’re experiencing a communal longing.  Could it be that regardless of our … Continue reading The Soul Felt Its Worth

The Gospel of Snuggling

In the stillness and quiet of my first waking moments, I like to begin my day by listening to Spirit for a word or image to center my day on.  While it’s usually things like joy, curiosity, care, calm, and the like, the other day, much to my surprise it was SNUGGLE.  With a laugh … Continue reading The Gospel of Snuggling

Want to Live/Love Better? Expect Less

I recently spent more than a day crafting and preparing a workshop on the yogic way of life, which has given me SO MUCH joy and peace (and, as a side note is SUPER Christ-like) … YET, no one came to the workshop.  On a similar note, years ago I had the opportunity to speak … Continue reading Want to Live/Love Better? Expect Less

The Secret to a Wonderful Life: Lose Your Life to Gain It

Failure can become our most powerful path to learning if we’re willing to choose courage over comfort. - Brené Brown   What’s the point of life? What makes for a great life? WHO are YOU when all is said and done, at the center of your being? Today it seems to me a key to … Continue reading The Secret to a Wonderful Life: Lose Your Life to Gain It

Our “Bruises” Make Us Beautiful: The Gifts of Imperfection

EVERYTHING belongs. You are perfect, AS you are, NO doing required. YOU are a GIFT, a never seen before and never to be seen again blessing the world needs. These are some sayings I’ve adopted and/or formulated over the last couple of years, which contain an abundance of truth and bring scads of life. What … Continue reading Our “Bruises” Make Us Beautiful: The Gifts of Imperfection