The Love Pause

What brings out the best in you? For me, it’s pausing. When I pause, breathe, ponder, and wonder, love fills and shines through the space that slowing down fosters within us. Looking back on my missteps; the common thread between when I say or do something hurtful, stupid, disrespectful, and/or unkind, is when I do not stop, and take … Continue reading The Love Pause

A Project of Love

Friends, I'm stoked to invite you to a Project of Love.  I'm working on a Doctorate in Leadership & Spiritual Formation, to help people thrive together in life. To make our doctoral projects as successful as possible (mine is about growing and flowing with Love across divides), we run several "tests" to get feedback from people … Continue reading A Project of Love

It’s All About Our “Spirit”

I feel blessed to still be riding the wave of 2 recent “mountaintop” experiences. While one was a rock-and-roll, soul-shining themed cruise, the other was the first in-person retreat for the doctoral program I’m in. Although the former featured lots of yogis, and the latter was for seminary students from all manner of Christian backgrounds, … Continue reading It’s All About Our “Spirit”

What We “See” is What We Become

The beauty of this scenery captivated me the other day … For years, I've walked past this bit of lush green loveliness, on my way to the yoga studio, without noticing it. It's tucked away a bit off the side of the highway, so isn't in your face (so to speak) but takes little effort … Continue reading What We “See” is What We Become

Awe Makes Awesome

I take our dog Biscuits out about 20 times a week, which is fine by me as I use the time to both enjoy fresh air and play Words with Friends. The other day though, a voice whispered, "don't play. Just be." So, with the cold wind blowing and rain falling steadily, that's what I … Continue reading Awe Makes Awesome

Revolutionary Love: We’re Just Getting Started

At the first yoga class I taught this year I said 2020 was going to be awesome because we'd be able to see things clearly. 🤣 While "awful" is likely a more apt descriptor, it occurs to me we are seeing more accurately than ever before. There's something about things falling apart that knocks sense into us! I know … Continue reading Revolutionary Love: We’re Just Getting Started

A Blessing for 2020

Happy 2020!!!  During this coming year: May you be rich with Love, be extravagant with kindness, and shine like a star! May you experience profound peace, life-giving connection, and infinite grace. I pray your successes are many and failures are the fertile soil for growing into amazingness! With all my heart I hope the months … Continue reading A Blessing for 2020

The Gate of Heaven is EVERYWHERE

It seems to me “heaven” is more of an attitude or lens for seeing life, than it is a place … at least while we’re alive.  For years I thought feeling the Spirit, or “experiencing God”, was a rare event and/or just for select people.  Yet, over time I’ve found a simple shift of mentality … Continue reading The Gate of Heaven is EVERYWHERE

The Life Changing “To-Do List”: Be Grateful, Forgive, & Love

Does anyone else struggle with thinking your day is only a “success” IF you get LOTS of stuff done? I’m a yoga teacher, which means my job is to care for, enliven, and help people transform inwardly and outwardly … YET part of me still feels like I failed or was “less than” unless I did … Continue reading The Life Changing “To-Do List”: Be Grateful, Forgive, & Love

Why Pray? Relationship.

Do you pray?  Why?  I’ve been Christian my whole life and grew up with a good bit of obligation, “should”, and “ought to” when it came to my faith, so for a good bit of time I prayed because I was supposed to.  God expected us to pray, so I did.  Yet, it was often … Continue reading Why Pray? Relationship.