Just the Way You Are

If your profile had a relationship status (with yourself), what would you put? For most of my life, it was “complicated”. While I was addicted to porn (1998-2008), for instance, part of me despised myself. Likewise, during the evolution of my first divorce, I just didn’t want to be me. Following my second divorce in 2013, … Continue reading Just the Way You Are

From Fear to Freedom

I started doing a therapeutic, personal growth type program, and one of the first things it had us reflect and write on was: Tell the story about your deepest fear (with as much drama and flavor as possible). Partway through I realized, like an angel had brought me a brand-new revelation: OH MY GOSH! I … Continue reading From Fear to Freedom

Being a Wounded Healer

These scars from my belly tubes, four insertions to drain my lungs when they were full of infection, and a tracheotomy are sacred reminders to me of how when we're too weak to eat, others can feed us, when we're too sick or injured to move, others can take good care of us, when we're … Continue reading Being a Wounded Healer

“Scars” are Beautiful: We are Wounded & Resurrected at the Same Time

If scars were championships, I’d have Michael Jordan and Tom Brady beat!  I’ve got the trach dent, a crooked eye, a bunch of marks from tubes to drain infected lungs, multiple stomach tube scars, a wrist with scaffolding, and all sorts of “interesting” stories on my face.  And those are just my PHYSICAL scars!  I … Continue reading “Scars” are Beautiful: We are Wounded & Resurrected at the Same Time